Here it is a little update about my jouney.

As stated into the first post, my first milestone for this challenge will be achieving the Juniper JNCIA certification and during the past days I’ve started to study. In order to do so, I’m using several resources:

  • Junos as a Second Language-WBT: I’ve already completed this mini-course whose focus is to make easier the transition from other vendor based CLI (Cisco IOS) to Junos.
  • CBT Nuggets: Interesting video lectures held by Scott Morris discussing all the JNCIA exam objects.
  • Juniper Fast Track stuff, including a free JNCIA study guide from Juniper itself.
  • GNS3 with Olive support, in order to emulate some simple network and get used to the new configuration environment and syntaxt.

Although I’ve not yet dived deep into the subject, I think Junos has some really cool features like the separation between Control Plane and Data Plane, inner modularity with processes memory separation (so that no single fail would affect the whole system), FreeBSD based (so that it feel like working with Linux).

At the same time, I’m using this Coursera course as a refresher for my Python not-that-awesome skills.


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