Summer update

After a little break due to university exams and other tasks, here we are again with the challenge.

As I said before, my plan is to improve my Linux and Automation skills during August, delaying the start of my JNCIS studies. Based on all this, the plan includes:

  • Studying Linux systems. In order to have a structured approach to the subject I’ll start reading LPIC-1 stuff too. The reading list includes LPI Linux Certification in a Nutshell and The Linux Command Line: A Complete Introduction.
  • Go automate. The commitment is to start thinking and working on personal projects about network automation (I need some ispiration and ideas, so suggestions are more than welcome 🙂 ) and I’ll also work on a project shared with a friend. More updates in next posts.
  • Publish at least two more interviews to network engineer interns.

This will be a practical month, so expect labs, simulations and other fancy stuff. It’ll be fun 😀


Facebook has published a new video about Career at FB and I find it absolutely stunning. It makes me think “Shut up and take my resume!” 😀

“When you find an opportunity grab it, run with it, make it your own”


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