Brocade Certified vRouter Engineer

I know I said that I’d have been focused on Linux skills during this month, but then I was reached out by this video from Brocade:

As the video explains, Brocade is giving the possibility to enroll in a free virtual course and obtain the Brocade Certified vRouter Engineer (BCVRE) certification view a free voucher! In addition, the Brocade’s ads promote the certification as NFV (Network Function Virtualization) related and this made it so interesting to me. So, I couldn’t help to start working on it.

Exam preparation

Exam objectives and informations can be found here

Brocade’s free course is organized into small video lectures (25 minutes circa each) for a total of 5 hours course. There is also a free study guide which can be used to review some key topics and configurations. In addition to all of this Brocade has made available, for a 60-days trial, a vRouter image for you to make practice with its CLI.

Personal study experience

I enjoyed learning somenthing about Brocade products, but at the same time I’m quite disappointed with Brocade’s statement about the NFV nature of the course. In fact, the exam is not designed around NFV at all, if it were not for the virtual nature of the vRouter itself.

The exam is pretty simple being at an associted level. I only had to learn some vRouter features and the new CLI “language”. The latter is similar to Junos OS from Juniper and I had no problem with it since I passed my JNCIA exam one month ago.

Final impressions

My overall mood about the certification is pretty positive but now I feel the need to advance my knowledge on a more “vertical” direction. I will do so through the JNCIS cert.

Now (this time I promise 🙂 ) I will focus more on Linux and Automation skills. In particular, I’m working on an network automation project so the next post will be about it.

Stay tuned 🙂


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