Project:Me10 – 40% Completed

Time rus fast and 4 months are already passed since I started this journey. I believe it’s important to stop for a moment and analyze how I’ve done so far in order to plan the remaing 6 months ahead.


I’ve already passed two certifications:

  • JNCIA: the entry point to the Juniper’s world.
  • BCVRE: a certification from Brocade focused on its virtual solution.


As I said in my previous update, I was going to focus on some Linux and Network Automation skills. During the past two months I’ve started using tools and technologies like Ansible, Jinja2, SQLite3 and I’ve done a eavy usage of GNS3 and VirtualBox to set up a working virtual environment. I’ve also completed the Linux Command Line course on Code Academy.

I’ve posted two little projects about those topics:

Moreover, I’m currently working on other projects, both personal and collaborating with other awesome peers.


This is something I’m really proud of, because I feel like I’m doing something useful for other “networking dreamers” like me 🙂

I’ve performed 4 interviews to ex-interns so far:


Few week ago I applied to the Cisco Engineer Incubator Program

It is a special educational program designed by Cisco engineers and Cisco Networking Academy to support employment of talented students and graduates. Specifically to support those who are interested in networking technologies and starting a career in IT.

You will benefit from free CCNP course at your local Cisco Networking Academy. There will also be advanced technology and soft skills seminars and webinars delivered by Cisco experts during our regular virtual and live office visits as well as meetings with the Krakow Global Support Center team.

This is something really interesting to me and so I decided to give it a try.

Yesterday I passed the phone interview and within the next few days I should be noticed whether I’m selected to attend the assessment center, which is the last step into the selection process. Fingers crossed 🙂


I’m receiving lot of support and positive feedbacks from everyone. More and more people and young guys seem to be interested in this project and this makes me really happy. My blog visits are also increasing rapidly, starting from a total of 146 views in June to almost 600 during these first 10 days of October.

Moreover, many experienced professional reached out offering tips and help, which is something I’d never thought could happen. Probably this is the most important goal reached so far 🙂


CERTS: As stated into the Project:Me10’s Manifesto, the next major milestone is represented by the JNCIS-ENT certification. Today I’m starting my studies and I’m going to complete them within November.

PROJECT:THEM: I’m working on two more interviews to be posted soon and I’m sure you’ll find them so interesting 🙂

AUTOMATION: I’m going to keep studying and practicing NetOps skills with Vagrant, Cumulus VX and TextFSM being on top of my wish list.

NETWORKING SKILLS: Among JNCIS-ENT, I’m going to going deep on some topics I feel I’m not that confortable like before.

So, back to work 🙂




  1. MrJakub · October 10, 2015

    Gabriele, if you will start your career at Cisco Kraków – I will fly over from Sydney to see you 🙂
    I’m sure you gonna not only receive one but several offers pretty soon! Ciao.


    • gabrielegerbino · October 10, 2015

      That would be awesome my friend! But if it won’t be in Krakòw, I’m sure we’ll meet anyway at some point 🙂

      I really hope so. Thank you for your support!


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