Cisco Live Europe 2017

Last October I was in New York City to enjoy few days of onsite work at Network to Code‘s HQ. I love working remotely from my home in Sicily, but it’s always interesting and exciting to physically join the team every once in a while. At that time, we had the opportunity to attend the Ansible Fest in Broklyn, a full day of presentations and workshops around the Ansible’s world. This one was the first important live event I’ve ever attended and I really enjoyed it as it offered the opportunity to meet new folks sharing our “automation vision” 🙂

Next month will be the time of another important event: Cisco Live Europe in Berlin. I’ve discovered the passion for networks by attending a Cisco Academy class at high school and since that moment I’ve always dreamed to attend a Cisco Live event. Now I’ll finally have the opportunity to do it!

As it’s clear, my interest around networks has evolved over time and now my focus is on Network Automation: Ansible, NAPALM, Python, APIs, CI/CD, StackStorm, you got it, this kind of magical stuff 😀 Because of this, I plan to spend most of my time at the DevNet Zone, a place where crazy people can talk about crazy stuff. Some of the session I’m interested to attend are these:

  • Getting Started with Containers: DEVNET-2042
  • Building a DevOps CICD Pipeline from Scratch: DEVNET-2203
  • Demystifying Container Networking: DEVNET-1195
  • DevNet Workshop – Managing Cisco UCS with the Python SDK: DEVNET-2060
  • DevNet Workshop – ACI API: DEVNET-2054
  • Cisco UCS Python SDKs: DEVNET-2063
  • NetDevOps for the Network Dude – How to get started with API’s, Ansible and Python: DEVNET-1002
  • Mastering ACI Programmability and Automating common DC Tasks: DEVNET-2001
  • DevNet Workshop – NXOS in the Real World Using NX-API REST: DEVNET-2101
  • DevNet Workshop -Device programmability for zero touch provisioning: DEVNET-2053

Yeah, that’s lot of content, I’ll need to diligently plan ahead for it. That said, I’m sure it’ll be an amazing experience!

I’ll arrive in Berlin on February 20, so if you’d like to meet and talk about everything around networking and automation I’d be very happy to share a beer with you, so just reach out! 🙂



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