AUTOMATE IT² (or Automate IT in ITaly)

During the last year I’ve travelled quite a lot (compared to my standards) and most of the times I did it to attend some technical/social event:

  • I attended the AnsibleFest Brooklyn 2016
  • I partecipated as delegate at my first Tech Field Day at CLEUR
  • I attended my first Cisco Live in Berlin
  • I was invited by Facebook to take part in a NetEng Hackathon in Dublin

I also joined NAPALM community for an online Hackathon (if you missed it, redeem yourself by taking part in the next one which will be held in November!) that was as fun as other live events.

Needless to say, I’ve enjoyed every single of those! Being a remote worker, it’s really important for me to attend such events as they give me the opportunity to meet some folks known online only and to share experiences and ideas.

The only drawback is that I always have to travel to other countries to attend events like these (thanks NAPALM!). Here in Italy, where I live, we either have only vendor-driven conferences or some hardcore networking communities, which are totally great but simply not the kind I’m interested on. It’s a pity! 🙂

Let’s meet(up)!

For the reason above, some months ago I started to meditate about creating an Italian-based meetup serie focused on Network Automation and all those shiny things around that. The first thing you have to do if you want to make an idea like this come to life is to share it with someone, and so I did: I spoke with my friend Andrea Dainese and it turned out he had my same idea, due to the same concern. It was perfect, so we joined our forces and we create AUTOMATE IT²,  or Automate IT in ITaly.

We’ve just published our first meeting date and we’re so excited about that. It will take place in Milan next 28th November, hosted by Palo Alto Networks and we will have some awesome national and international guests presenting there (the Call for Talks is still open and it will always be, we need your help to make this all work!)

If you’re excited about this like us and if you’ll be around Milan in November, please reserve your seat as they’re limited and come to have fun with us 🙂

Let’s meet there for some good combination of Code, Networks and Pizza 😉

We don’t care about the tool you’re using, the vendor you’re paying, the company you work for, the language you’re writing on, your gender, your experience level. We just want to hear and learn from you and with you!

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