Cisco Incubator Program Assessment Centre: Passed!

In my last post I told you about my experience at the Assessment Centre for the Cisco Incubator Program.

Now I’m happy and excited to inform you that I passed and I’m officially a partecipant of the program! 😀

I already said how well the Assessment Centre was organized and how interesting the experience has been, but now I want to highlight the one thing I’m most impressed by so far:

Cisco management seemed to really take care of us as candidates during the AC and now as official partecipants. The most important example of this is that the Incubator Program manager is taking the time to call every single candidate to deliver personalized feedback about how they performed during the Assessment Centre!

This is awesome by itself, but you realize the word “awesome” is not enough when you know the actual number of call he his doing: 120+!!!

That’s really impressive! There will be 66 total partecipant in this program, but he is taking the time to call even those who didn’t make it to let them know what they need to improve. Again, that’s impressive!

Going back to the program, it’s composed as follows:

  • Webinars: conducted every Wednesday and topics include Professional Development, R&S, Data Center, Collaboration, Mobility and Security.
  • Seminars: conducted once a month at Cisco office via Telepresence and topics include Professional Development, R&S, Data Center, Collaboration, and Security.
  • Cisco Academy: CCNA or CCNP courses, based on partecipant’s level.
  • English language mentoring: those partecipants who need to improve their English can also benefit and improve their language skills thanks to the 1:1 technical conversations with native speakers.

The program looks as challenging as interesting and I can’t wait to start (seminars and webinars’ topic descriptions couldn’t be more interesting).

I’m quite lucky to be part of it and my Project:Me10 project will benefit from this a lot 🙂

If you’re interested in the program you should indeed “Like” the Cisco Engineer Incubator page on Facebook 😉

Cisco Incubator Program – Assessment Centre

As I mentioned in my previous post, a couple of weeks ago I passed a phone interview for the Cisco Engineer Incubator Program.

It is a special educational program designed by Cisco engineers and Cisco Networking Academy to support employment of talented students and graduates. Specifically to support those who are interested in networking technologies and starting a career in IT.

You will benefit from free CCNP course at your local Cisco Networking Academy. There will also be advanced technology and soft skills seminars and webinars delivered by Cisco experts during our regular virtual and live office visits as well as meetings with the Krakow Global Support Center team.

So, selected students would receive free CCNP course, free CCNP exam vouchers, technical webinars and technical (and non-technical) workshop once a month a Cisco office.

Something to be defined SUPER COOL! 😀

Few day later, I was contacted back and informed that I was selected for the recruiting process’ last stage: the Assessment Centre.


My Assessment Centre started at 12:30 p.m. and finished at 16:00 p.m. and it was organized into 4 sessions:

  • Technical questionnarie, 30 minutes.
  • Group role-play, 1 hour.
  • Managers interview, 1 hour.
  • Technical presentation and interview, 1 hour.

Everything was remotely managed by Cisco Kraków team and the whole assessment was delivered using Telepresence, which is awesome.



It was composed of about 10 multiple-choice questions and the difficult leval was CCNA-like. This was indeed the easiest part of the day and I completed it without problems.


This was the session that I was scared the most at first. I was completely wrong anyway, since there was nothing to be scared 🙂

I was connected with other 3 different Cisco offices where other candidates were based and with Cisco Kraków team who delivered the interview.

Our assessors gave us a task and our goal was to work as a team and find and present the solution for the given problem. I really enjoyed this section also thanks to my fellow candidates who were awesome and collaborative. At the end I think we made a nice work (at least from a team work point of view, which was the main goal I suppose).


During this stage I was connected to 2 other managers, one from HR and one from Cisco Advanced Services.

Summary: I don’t think I could have a better experience, seriously!!!

They have seemed to be really interested during the interview, both on my profile and on trying to make me have the best experience possible from the interview itself.

Questions ranged from my CV, to previous experiences, to future perspectives and general interestes. They have challenged me on and on but it was fine since questions were interesting and they were kind.

After the interview I was a little bit sad because I’d have liked it to last even longer 🙂


Let’s say that not everything can go well all the time.

Summary: I don’t think I could have a worst experience, seriously!!!

I won’t go into details this time, but during this interview I felt really bad about how the assessor approached me and his general behaviour. I felt humiliated at some point and I’d have wanted to stop the interview. He asked me very few technical questions and asked tons of unrelated (and useless, in my humble opinion) ones.

Again, I don’t think I could have a worst experience.


My general experience is more than positive. The whole day was well organized and I really enjoyed most of the AC.

At Cisco Rome (where I was located) everyone was kind and helpful. I spent some time with some Cisco guys before and after my interview and they gave me interesting and useful advice. The environment was awesome too. So, in summary, I’m really happy 🙂 I’ve started dreaming about being at a Cisco office since the very first moment I entered in an Academy and now finally I did it.

Now let’s wait next week for AC’s results!